Welcome to Simple-Surveys.com

As the title suggests, we carry out simple surveys, so if you're looking to do some quick but effective market research, we can help.

You provide us with the questions, we put them on the web, the results are sent directly to any existing email account. It's that simple!

You can send us your questionnaire in any format (as long as we can read it and understand it) and we will host it on our servers, so there's absolutely no set up procedure at your end. All you have to do is provide clients with the unique URL you will be provided with (e.g. www.simple-surveys.com/yourbusiness.htm) and wait for the responses to arrive in your inbox.

So, what's the price for this quick and easy service? Just $30 / £17!

We also offer more survey options - just check the "Options" page for more information!



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